The Rest of the Gang

General Motors and Private Parts – General Motors, Chief of Staff, and her trusty sidekick have not seen active service for 20 years, but are the force behind recruiting aid ass to the Americans in Afghanistan. The Elite Donkey Leading Corp (EDLC) have been awarded for their bravery and featured on news reports on CNN.



The Bowling Ladies – Mavis and Lorna met at the crematorium the day their respective husbands’ remains were cremated. Avid root collectors, when they’re not playing at lawn bowl tournaments, they’re touring the country taking cuttings of native and exotic plants. “Lets take it home and root it Lorna”.



Herty and Gerty – Bavarian Yodelling pig farmers who mostly communicate by yodelling. Favorite past-times include beer-drinking games, yodelling, cross-stitching and extreme alpine sports.

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