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Ken Moller is your typical kiwi bloke, and comes from a long line of Wairarapa sheep farmers. He is in love with Camp Mother ‘the lady in pink’, but so far has been unable to properly meet her. Ken’s best mate, Ken Smythe, is a ‘Townie’ and not used to the great outdoors. A regional TV sportscaster he longs to commentate on the Big Match one day. His other pet hobbies are Ikebana, breeding Burmese cats and Musical Theatre.



How to tie the ‘Camp Mother Wuzzywing, Moist Fly’

Says keen angler and fishing aficionado Ken Moller: “This is my favourite fly. Its my own design and combines the ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy Wet Fly’ and the ‘Winged Dry Fly’ styles to create the ‘Moist Fly’. It is made from pink glitter chenille out of respect for the illusive ‘Lady in Pink’ aka ‘Camp Mother.”

Origin: Ken Moller of Wairarapa
Hook: 4 to 6
Tail: Black squirrel
Body: Dark pink glitter chenille
Hackle: Pink saddle hackle
Wing: Pink quill feather
Head: Dark pink or black

Fly Tying Instructions

  1. Bind the hook shank with thread halfway up ending at the bend.
  2. Tie in a bunch of squirrel to create the tail.
  3. Tie in a length of pink chenille finishing halfway up the shank. Red or green is the traditional colour for a ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy’ and some men find it hard to even buy pink! But trust me boys, this little fly will have them jumping out of the water!
  4. Now tie in a beautiful set of pink wings.
  5. Tie in a hackle of pink.
  6. Build up a small head, whip finish and varnish.

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